March 20, 2011

after Defile

Today I was at the trial Defile, where all the girls from our sewing school 
were trying to do their best at the catwalk! 
It was really fun!
And I remembered Miss J's lessons from the ''Americas Next Top Model''. 
But yesterday I was frazzled out when i finished the dress.

Everyone, who will be on the 10th of April here in Riga, please come and see all my results, as on the catwalk as my diploma work, in the exhibition house Kipsala at ''Intertextil Balticum'' show.
I'll be happy to see you!

But now, take a look on the 1950's  Dior's 'New Look'' creations!!!! 

March 17, 2011

Joking aside

The fashion world has winced! John Galliano has been dismissed from his post as a creative director of Dior. However the fashion house decided to retire the famous designer after sensational accusations of his misbehaviour.  
I shall not discuss who to blame and who is right, cos how really everything happened we do not know

What will be further with John Galliano is a mystery, but I hope that this story has more fibs, than truth. 

The only thing I can say from myself is that Galliano is one of the truly brilliant designers of our time. The proof of that is the unique collection of Haute Couture, which he did for the Dior house.  
Below, I have chosen a few images from the latest collection by John Galliano for Christian Dior fashion house.
(Haute Couture ss 2011 Paris)

Images of the 50's, 3-D embroidery, voluminous, accented waistline, saturated deep hues,  
beautifully arranged hair, red lips and femininity in all its details 
are the main components of this beautiful collection.

Paris show surely will be remembered for a long time!

March 15, 2011


As a rule, the Lookbook from Atelier Versace is a gorgeous sight
the season of Spring 2011 - was no exception,
so I couldn't not post it!! 
The main signs in this season were:
  bright spring colours,
draperies of silk and chiffon,
sparkling crystals
feminine silhouettes
 Model Abbey Lee Kershaw.

March 09, 2011

Yes, I DO!!!

Now I have the most unique item of women's clothes, which we wear only once, but admire it our whole life.
And no Chanel, Marc Jacob's or McQueen's dress will never be more valuable than 
sorry, but I cannot show MY DRESS here right now, cos my fiancé mustn't see it!  
 but believe me it's MAGICAL!

but for now just enjoy a selection of white creations:
whatever style you are not adhered to, each of us wants to see herself in white, with underskirt, bridal veil and wedding garter on the leg.
Love and be loved!

March 01, 2011

Winter OFF. Spring ON!!!!

Say HELLO to the 1st of March!
Finally will become warmer outside, and We can get our fresh and multicoloured clothes from our big closets!!!
(of course don't forget about the trend colour spectrum (later i'ļl say about that)) ))

Don't know how about the first day of Spring in other European countries, but here in Latvia, Riga the sun was shining into my tanned face!

though, it's not so warm as its seems ))))