September 22, 2011

Purple jacket

 Hello, friends! Week of ''Baltic Pearl'' Film festival has ended and yesterday I watched the last movie I wanted to see. It was ''Pret-a-Porter''. Telling the truth, the one I liked the most was the documentary film ''Valentino. The last emperor''.

September 18, 2011

''Baltic Pearl'' Day 2

 On September 16 I attended two films at ''Baltic Pearl'' Film festival. First one was ''Christian Dior'' and the second was ''Red carpet''- a really interesting and exciting movie, that tells all the secrets about the red carpet system and uncover the "terrible" secrets: how much is a star on the red carpet? "from whom is your dress?", how many stars are sold in advertising, and what they have for it?.

September 17, 2011

''Baltic Pearl'' Film Festival DAY 1

September, 15 was the day of the opening of the ''Baltic Pearl'' Film Festival. The opening was very official and I was proud that in my town Riga, are held such cultural events as Film festivals. The Festival will be held in the cinema ''Splendid palace''.
This year I will attend films about fashion and magnificent couturiers of all time. And I am really happy of having this opportunity to develop and increase my knowledge of fashion history.

September 06, 2011

Grey palette

With the beginning of Autumn we change our colour palette. My favourite one's are grey, beige, black and orange. Today I had a casual and cute look - just a grey knitted skirt(that already reminds me about Winter), white chiffon blouse, flats and a new really great purse from Mango, which colour inspired me today. I hope You, my readers, will like this look.)

September 02, 2011

Autumn has come

 Hello friends! I’m so sorry I’ve been so slack at blogging this last month, I promise I won’t go so long without posting again!