October 20, 2013


Time is ticking and it´s already the end of October. I´ve started my 2nd year of Fashion Design course in IDEP Barcelona institute, studying hard every day I almost forgot about writing the blog! I really have many things to show, just need more time and free mind to do it! 
Here is a post about my working place, that I recently managed to build in our apartment. So glad to finally have an organised place to sew, create and make my passion move forward! 

September 14, 2013


New York Mercedes Benz Fashion Week has passed! Now it's time for London, Milan and Paris. Fashion week's street styles are always so inspiring and trend blowing, that I could not make and inspiration post! New York FW streets are full of casual, chick, urban, comfortable, stylish and sometimes "toomuchtrends" outfits and styles. That what´s unique about the Big Apple! Wish I were there to make photos by my one! For the time being, here are photos from style.com, buro247.ru, vogue.es and other sources. Enjoy!

September 13, 2013


Hello there Fashion bunnies(so in love with this phrase), here is the promised my Autumn Wishlist post! I have to say Autumn is my favorite season, because of the colors, styles and range of clothes to wear, that gives us new collections. So obsessed with the ''back to school'' trend, tartan and military print, platform shoes and many other good looking combinations! So let me show and explain my Fall wishlist! 

September 10, 2013


Good Morning, dear friends! So, yeah Summer has already passed, but here in Barcelona is still warm and sometimes even hot, so for me Autumn will start only in October! So here is the last Summer outfit post! In the end of August I wore this cappuccino color skirt, that really matches the color and texture of the walls of the street in Gothic district. I combined this skirt with a flowered top for the accent. 

Can´t wait for the new Fall season to start- Cause Fall/Winter are my favorite fashion seasons because of the great weather here in Barcelona, that gives a huge range of possible outfit combos to wear. Stay tuned for  my and Autumn´s wishlist post!

September 09, 2013


Good afternoon, dear followers! Here is the last photo touristic post about Summer. I promise! Here are photos of the most famous street in Barcelona- La Rambla, that has many crossing small street with beautiful places and sites. One of them is La Boqueria market, that shines of rainbow colors and delicious food: meet, jamon, fruits, vegetables, fish, fresh juices, candies etc. I always love to stroll around those rows and take colorful photos!

September 06, 2013

Fashion week season has started!

Good Morning Fashion bunnies! For those who know and don´t know, yesterday has started NYFW(New York Fashion Week) Spring/Summer 2014. The new season has started and New York is the first city that opens Fashion Week season. Next goes London, Milan and Paris. 

September 04, 2013


 Love those moments, when my mood is directed by romantic feelings, and for these cases, I always choose light colors, and girly outfits. Natural make-up, a said braid, comfortable platform and my favorite Summer item- skorts(shorts+skirt). That´s how I was feeling one day. 

September 03, 2013


 Here is another touristic photo post from our(me with Anastasia) excursions around Barcelona. That day we have visited 3 sites, one of them was a new discovery for me. Click, to see more...

August 30, 2013


Barcelona sometimes gets ''a little'' rainy, but I had the chance to make photos of the Rainy Summer outfit before it started to shower again. 
My look was based on black and red colors. Actually I always wear black or grey clothes when the weather gets more rainy and colder. Maybe it's trivially, but I never argue with my sense, I only put that piece of my closet that fits my mood!
Have a nice end of the week!

August 28, 2013


 As I promised here is another photo post about one more day in Barcelona with my friend Anastasia! Last Monday we have visited the South part of the city. Mainly we were walking around Port Olympic, but also managed to get to Park Citadel. 
Enjoy the views!
Photos made by me.

August 27, 2013


Previous week I was spending my time with my friend Anastasia like a real tourist! We were riding all over Barcelona on a touristic bus and attending the most famous and beautiful sites! 
And the most important was to feel really cozy and comfortable to be able to walk all day long and not to kill our feet! That's why my choice for travelling days were wedge sneakers and a simple look with shorts and a t-shirt with fringe details. 
Photos by A.Sirokova

August 23, 2013


Good Morning dear readers! Here is an outfit post about another day we have spent in Barcelona. We were walking on the sea promenade near the Port Olympic of Barcelona, had for dinner ​​paella and Sangria and ended our day in the park Ciutadella. Stay tuned for post about Port Olympic!
I was wearing shorts from Zara that are the most wearable thing among bloggers and girls this season. All Summer I had doubts about to buy or not to buy them, because of their tooo trendiness. But the moment I tried them on I gave up!))) 
Have a nice end of the week! 

August 21, 2013


As I've already mentioned my friend Anastasia has arrived for two weeks, and every day we are killing our feet by strolling around beautiful and the most famous sites of Barcelona. 
First day we went to the Sants-Montjuic district, where is located Museum of National Art, Olympic Ring, Poble EspaƱol(Spanish district), the Magic Fountain, Parc of Montjuic etc. Of course I've seen the most part of Barcelona, but I never get bored of this city and am pleased and happy to explore it again and again! 
And here is a photo report about our first day! 

August 18, 2013


Hello my dear readers! After a two weeks of non posting anything, I'm back with fresh look and mood, because of Anastasia arriving! She is my biggest inspiration for creating new looks and to travel around Barcelona all day long! During two weeks I will share many interesting sites and places with you! 
For our yesterday's trip to center of Barcelona, exactly to Plaza Espanya and Parc de Monjuic, I decided to mix two different garments and styles. To look pretty and girly I wore green pleated midi skirt, and to walk all day long and feel comfy platform sneakers! Sometimes comfort is the general priority of traveling, but don't be afraid of mixing styles, often it looks even more fancy!
Photos by A.Sirokova

August 01, 2013


 Summer days are passing really fast, but the heat in Barcelona is rising every day. And a good choice to hide and not to die from this heat is to wear white clothes. Yesterday I chose a white Jumpsuit with a pair of white platform sneakers so I felt really comfy and easy. The only thing that is making me hot are my hair! But I never ever will cut them too short! Beauty requires sacrifice!

July 31, 2013


Good Morning loves! Today I want to share with you a hair tutorial, that I am doing for the first time, so please don't judge me to hard, and give me some advices. 
This tutorial is about how to make beach waves hairstyle only for 10 minutes. I prefer to make waves only on ending so it won't look too dressy or like an evening hairstyle. These way these waves look very natural, as after swimming in the sea or pool. 

July 30, 2013


 Good Morning guys! Here is an another post about the ''40s-50s fashion- From war to piece'' exhibition that I attended in Riga. But this time it's only about details: draping, pleating, edging, decorating with beads and jewels, embroidery,  perfumes, accessories, lipsticks, purses, shoes and hats.
The other post about the garments is here.

July 29, 2013


I've already made a post about my homeland Riga, but it was more from the tourist view. But there is nothing more special then seeing your family and best friends during holidays. And this photo post is about how we have spend time with our friends and my family: resting in the summer cottage with my parents, having dinners with friends, clubbing, sunbathing and just enjoying our stay in motherland.

July 28, 2013


 During my time spending in Riga I was lucky to visit a fashion exhibition of the famous Russian fashion historian, writer and collector Alexander Vasiliev, who presented his dress collection "40s-50s Fashion-From war to piece'' that shows the simplicity and convenience of 40s dresses, and the great step into the 50s, when women where flourishing as well as the 50s Fashion. 
Less words and more photos ahead.

July 26, 2013


Riga city, as Latvia in whole, is known for its changeable weather. One Summer week could be +27 and other +18. The same way was in my trip for 2 weeks. But the most important thing is not to despair, because there is always a replacement to short skirts and dresses. Namely its the one and only - Sport Casual style. 
For a rainy and dull Sunday I choose a basic black and white color combination: black jeans, white knitted sweater, black wedge sneakers and a black bowling bag. Feels so comfy and warm! 

July 25, 2013


Good afternoon my dear friends! As you have noticed I was outline for 3 weeks, that's because I was in my home town Riga in Latvia and was spending every minute with my family and friends! I spend a lovely and exciting time there. It's always nice to visit your family, your home town, go for a walk down the beautiful streets and simply enjoy being where you were born. 
Here is a post about my city Riga, so you can get acquainted with some part of Riga's streets, parks, buildings, views and spirit.

July 04, 2013


Good Thursday morning to everybody! The 1/3 part of the Summer have already passed and every day is like a gift to spend it with all our best friends and family! Me and Edgar are going to visit my family and friends in Latvia soon! Can't wait to see them all and spend two weeks with great pleasure and fun!!!
Yesterday evening I was wearing ''boyfriends'' jeans with a different style of garments and I discovered that Boyfriend's jeans is very comfortable, easy to wear and combine with whatever you want Trend of 2013. You can wear them with sneakers, heals, flats etc. and still look sexy and gorgeous.
 I combined them with transparent heels, that match the color of the basic t-shirt and with white metallic accessories. Enjoy!

June 30, 2013


Hello there new Sunday evening! Here is an another Sunday´s recipe post. Last Sunday I made a traditional French dish , now it´s an Italian traditional dish - Lasagne.

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June 27, 2013


Good Mornings friends! Yesterday, after knowing my final exam results, I decided to relax totally and went to Barcelona to do some shopping. I wore these red shorts and white blouse with red flower details that match with the shorts. Not wearing heels, because wanted to enjoy walking around beautiful streets of Barcelona center! Have a nice end of the week!  

June 23, 2013


 As I promised, here is an other delicious Sunday's recipe post. Today I will show you one of my favourites vegetable dishes- Ratatouille. Ratatouille is a traditional French vegetable dish, that is made of:

June 22, 2013


This year I finished the 1st course of Fashion Design in design school Idep Barcelona. And here is a lookbook of two pieces that I designed and sewed, from the first course collection Starry Night Balance: A dark blue dress with two transparent pieces in the sides and a black cape coat. 
More further I will post books of the collection: text book, collection book and sketchbook. 

June 21, 2013


Besides high heels and elegant dresses, I am a huge lover of sport casual style wearing a pair of sneakers, jeans shorts, a basic shirt, totally natural make-up and natural hair. 
I think we(girls) ought a big thank you to Isabel Marant for the invention or better to say popularization of wedge sneakers. These ones I bought in Zara, cos, unfortunately, I did not catch Isabel Marant ones at net-a-porter.com , but I think there are many companies that are making wedge sneakers for all tastes. To say, they are so comfortable and at the same time make you for 5 cm higher. Have a nice Friday, loves!

June 18, 2013



As we(me and my love Edgar) are living in a city Castelldefels, that is approximately 20 km from Barcelona, an is situated right on the beach of the Middetaranian sea, I love spending days on the beach. And here is a most comfortable and easy look  if you are going to the beach: a white tunic with golden prints, a white hat to protect face skin and hair from the strong sun, a big beach bag and sandals. 
Hope you are enjoying super hot Summer as I am! 

June 17, 2013


Cos there are extremely hot Summer days in Barcelona and Castelldefels, where do I live, I decided to make a quick post about what is inside my beach bag, that I take with me almost everyday to the beach to do sunbathing.

June 16, 2013


As I promised to you here is a Sunday recipe post. And now I want to show you how to make a Mango sorbet that is soo delicious and much more healthier and with a small amount of calories than ice-cream, especially in a super hot Summer day. 

June 15, 2013


Well hello there everybody! Hope you are spending a beautiful sunny Saturday as I am! Here is a post about my new additions in accessories and cosmetics, that I recommend you too.  

June 11, 2013


 HELLO to everyone who is reading these letters right now! Here I am back: so fresh, shiny and really glad to come back to KATE FEEL´s blog. I haven´t wrote anything here almost a year. And there are some reasons for that, but no excuses to me! 
These year brought me new experience, new friends and new achievements. First of all, as I am studying Fashion Design in Barcelona, I learned Spanish really well, so I could reach my dream and study Fashion  at school IDEP. The second thing is moving to Barcelona to stay here for a living: I felt in love with this beautiful and breathtaking city, but all the same I love going back to my home town Riga! Then: not so long ago I bought a new camera Canon 1100D to make fascinating photos of my everyday looks and places where I´ve been.  
And the last but not least is returning back here with a new design of my blog, new additions(a Food section: I will try to share every Sunday a cooking recipes with you) and new ambition! 
So stay tuned my faithful and new followers! This time it´s for real.