February 26, 2011

new experience

I decided to try the effect of the maxi skirt, and i liked it.
MANGO sweater 
KateFeel skirt
Guess bag
By the way here in Riga I haven't seen anyone (my age teens) wearing long skirts..sad sad))) i hope i'm not right.))
 In the evening I went to an amazing evening at a Chinese restaurant Gan Bei, to celebrate the birthday of my dear friend Annie. Happy birthday dear!

Maxi effect

Maxi skirts are the best romantic casual wear for women, and the best scene for a woman appearance as they are so close to her nature and ensure a very elegant look.

Graceful long skirts, slim slit skirts, floor-dragging skirts: they all appeared on the runway.

This kind of skirts can be used for all purposes, they can be used as casual day wear while hanging out with friends, shopping, trips, and for night but not as classic or evening wear as they are just casual style.

Many kinds of accessories are suitable with maxi skirts, necklaces will be great looking, especially the long kind. Also they can be used for resorts, beaches, and travels, they suit all ages and can be used with any type of blouses, vests, tops, shirts, or even long coats in winter.

But, watch the length and volume so it won't overwhelm you if you are petite.

10 trendy rules: Oscar

At the Oscar ceremony can attract the attention of not only getting an enviable award, but also to select the best dress. How do the latter advises Anna Dello Russo, trendsetter and fashion director of Japanese Vogue.

1. Do not choose a predictable color (create your new palette).  
2. Do not choose the expected form of evening dresses.  
3. Discover new brands.  
4. Color of the dress must suit the color of the skin. 5. Choose the best hairdresser, do not be afraid to overdo it!  
6. Allowed only clutch.  
7. Wear jewelry that will be visible even from afar.  
8. Your image should match the image of a partner (if you go as a couple).  
9. Strictly forbidden to wear a red dress to enter the red carpet.
10. Be bold!

Already tomorrow will be known the winners of these nominations (link in Russian) http://www.tenstars.ru/sovety/kinosovety/oskar-2011-pobediteli.html

February 23, 2011

from -15'С till -30'C

NEVER NEVER again i will be so naive to believe that it's already not so cold outside and wear just leather boots with no warming inside and leave my uggs at home!!! 
I'm really sorry for those, who hates ugg boots, and thinks that they look miserable! Cos living in a place like Latvia or Russia, i cannot imagine not wearing them in such cold winters! 
My poor legs((
Brown ones) (Riga, January 2010)
and black ones (totally i have 3 pairs) (March 2009 , London)

February 21, 2011

Sunny, but still cold.

Good, sunny day outside, but still very cold.
It's 7 days until Spring!!!!Yeeeeaaaaaaaah! Can't wait!
I made some photos of my grey dress (when I say MY i mean, that i made it)))
have a nice view, while i have a training in the gym.haha!   

February 19, 2011

a bit exhausted.

So..i just arrived after the examination, or better to say just a review of my(and other girl's) made clothes. 
Sadly, I got only 7/10 points(. I'll not tell on the judges, cause i appreciate more your comments and impressions. <3
Here are some photos of KateFeel clothes).
Red coat(which will be my favourite in Spring) and a blouse.

other stuff (skirt, dress, trousers) i'll post later)

February 15, 2011

50s sketch

So here is my sketch for the ''Intertextil Balticum 2011'' show.
Light violet dress with sun-style skirt and low neck, and a dark-pink jacket with no sleeves.

i think that i'll add some long gloves too.

Era of Elegance

Two months later, in April will be held a fashion show ''Intertextil Balticum 2011'' from the sewing school, where I study and I should prepare one dress on 50's fashion. I am so inspired by this epoch!!!  
On the images of the 50's are based the most current trends in our days fashion. We can endlessly guessing heroines of the past in modern outfits on the catwalk, or just can peek into the past.

Here are some photos from several numbers of Vogue magazine, which were released just in 50 years of the last century.

And of course I just couldn't forget about the style Icon, not only in 50s, but also in our 21st century - Audrey Hepburn.
It's not fashion- it's Art!

Kate Moss

Gorgeous Kate Moss once again proves that "old guard" is still on the horse! In the advertising company luxury brand Longchamp, Kate looks charmingly. (photographer Alasdair Mclellan.)
Although I'm not Kate Moss's big fan, in this photoshoot she looks really cute and fresh!
I just loved that green dress and cream trousers!!! 


3, 2, 1 GO!!

I'm Kate(17) and this is my first post, I'm so excited to be here!!! 
I live in not so cold, not so warm, not so big, rather small town Riga, Latvia, which is in the northern Europe.
lets miss details...
So here I am!!