July 31, 2013


Good Morning loves! Today I want to share with you a hair tutorial, that I am doing for the first time, so please don't judge me to hard, and give me some advices. 
This tutorial is about how to make beach waves hairstyle only for 10 minutes. I prefer to make waves only on ending so it won't look too dressy or like an evening hairstyle. These way these waves look very natural, as after swimming in the sea or pool. 

July 30, 2013


 Good Morning guys! Here is an another post about the ''40s-50s fashion- From war to piece'' exhibition that I attended in Riga. But this time it's only about details: draping, pleating, edging, decorating with beads and jewels, embroidery,  perfumes, accessories, lipsticks, purses, shoes and hats.
The other post about the garments is here.

July 29, 2013


I've already made a post about my homeland Riga, but it was more from the tourist view. But there is nothing more special then seeing your family and best friends during holidays. And this photo post is about how we have spend time with our friends and my family: resting in the summer cottage with my parents, having dinners with friends, clubbing, sunbathing and just enjoying our stay in motherland.

July 28, 2013


 During my time spending in Riga I was lucky to visit a fashion exhibition of the famous Russian fashion historian, writer and collector Alexander Vasiliev, who presented his dress collection "40s-50s Fashion-From war to piece'' that shows the simplicity and convenience of 40s dresses, and the great step into the 50s, when women where flourishing as well as the 50s Fashion. 
Less words and more photos ahead.

July 26, 2013


Riga city, as Latvia in whole, is known for its changeable weather. One Summer week could be +27 and other +18. The same way was in my trip for 2 weeks. But the most important thing is not to despair, because there is always a replacement to short skirts and dresses. Namely its the one and only - Sport Casual style. 
For a rainy and dull Sunday I choose a basic black and white color combination: black jeans, white knitted sweater, black wedge sneakers and a black bowling bag. Feels so comfy and warm! 

July 25, 2013


Good afternoon my dear friends! As you have noticed I was outline for 3 weeks, that's because I was in my home town Riga in Latvia and was spending every minute with my family and friends! I spend a lovely and exciting time there. It's always nice to visit your family, your home town, go for a walk down the beautiful streets and simply enjoy being where you were born. 
Here is a post about my city Riga, so you can get acquainted with some part of Riga's streets, parks, buildings, views and spirit.

July 04, 2013


Good Thursday morning to everybody! The 1/3 part of the Summer have already passed and every day is like a gift to spend it with all our best friends and family! Me and Edgar are going to visit my family and friends in Latvia soon! Can't wait to see them all and spend two weeks with great pleasure and fun!!!
Yesterday evening I was wearing ''boyfriends'' jeans with a different style of garments and I discovered that Boyfriend's jeans is very comfortable, easy to wear and combine with whatever you want Trend of 2013. You can wear them with sneakers, heals, flats etc. and still look sexy and gorgeous.
 I combined them with transparent heels, that match the color of the basic t-shirt and with white metallic accessories. Enjoy!