April 29, 2012

Blue pants

You know, it's a great feeling when April becomes June! 
It so hot these day's in Riga and it's impossible to believe that few week ago it was cold.
Yesterday I was wearing, again, MY white jacket- it's so chick and comfortable, with super wide pants from Mango.

April 22, 2012


Yesterday was the warmest day of this month, so I could not resist to wear an asymmetric red skirt from www.asos.com.
It's almost May and i remember that on 10/5 I already wasn't wearing no tights and no jacket!
Let's see what will happen this year!

April 20, 2012

White jackets debut

 Here I am, presenting you my new creation. 
Actually I have done it already in Summer, but now I found the weather just perfect to wear it. 
Guess what it is? It's the WHITE JACKET! 
It suits me really great and has  extraordinary acute shoulder straps.  Hope you'll like it.

April 16, 2012

Instagram pics

 Did you know that this month Instagram has been released on Android? Well, you know now. 
So here are pictures that I made during this month.  

April 15, 2012


In Riga it's impossible to catch the weather. It's fog in the morning and sun in the afternoon. Today it's +15, but tomorrow it will rain. So unfair! I have so many things to show, so I hope that this week the sun will be on my side.
Have a nice week!

April 11, 2012

Finally Spring

Thing is that finally Spring came to Riga!!! Every day gets warmer and warmer and it's time to through away our cold and heavy coats, uggs and everything else that reminds about that awfully long winter! Yesterday I was strolling in the Old Riga and feeling the joy of Spring coming. A was wearing a beautiful top with this season's trend - a peplum, mixing this elegant detail with rough biker boots. So dare!