January 22, 2012


Guess what? Finally today were taken pictures of my best works!!! And guess where?-On my new beautiful mannequin!!! 

January 21, 2012


Yesterday I had an exciting interview for a local School’s newspaper! 
I was so amazed and delighted for the opportunity that was given me by my lovely friend Veronika
Also I want to thank Anastacia Shirokova and Julia Golden for beautiful photos! 
The newspaper will be released in February!Can't wait to see and read the article!

January 15, 2012

Burgundy scarf

Finally it started to snow above the Riga! Whole December I was waiting the appearance of snow, and on the first day of snowing I immediately went to the park - where the trees are so beautiful with a thin layer of snow on the branches. It is a pity that it will melt away soon.
First time I am representing you my KateFeel's fluffy black skirt, that I made in October. When I'm wearing it I feel so enlivened and positive! I think it's really noticeable, because of my smile in the photos. 

January 10, 2012


It's 10th of January and I am completely in 2012, ready for big surprises, experiences and changes. 
First changes are in my blog's design.(Thank you my dear friend and photographer Anastasia Shirokova). Second - is the first new post in 2012 - it will be about new goodies in my closet and cosmetics. I noticed that almost each fashion blogger does a review of new bought things almost every month or season. So I made a try, cos I got and bought lots of presents at Christmas and New Year. 
Other, more 'global', experiences I will have during all this year. Hope, you my friends, will be right beside me.