June 30, 2013


Hello there new Sunday evening! Here is an another Sunday´s recipe post. Last Sunday I made a traditional French dish , now it´s an Italian traditional dish - Lasagne.

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 As I heard that Google Reader will shut down on July 1st. I have registered on another platform that is called Bloglovin! So if you don’t start to follow your favorite blogs on another platform, you run the risk of losing all of them. Find me now on Bloglovin! 

June 27, 2013


Good Mornings friends! Yesterday, after knowing my final exam results, I decided to relax totally and went to Barcelona to do some shopping. I wore these red shorts and white blouse with red flower details that match with the shorts. Not wearing heels, because wanted to enjoy walking around beautiful streets of Barcelona center! Have a nice end of the week!  

June 23, 2013


 As I promised, here is an other delicious Sunday's recipe post. Today I will show you one of my favourites vegetable dishes- Ratatouille. Ratatouille is a traditional French vegetable dish, that is made of:

June 22, 2013


This year I finished the 1st course of Fashion Design in design school Idep Barcelona. And here is a lookbook of two pieces that I designed and sewed, from the first course collection Starry Night Balance: A dark blue dress with two transparent pieces in the sides and a black cape coat. 
More further I will post books of the collection: text book, collection book and sketchbook. 

June 21, 2013


Besides high heels and elegant dresses, I am a huge lover of sport casual style wearing a pair of sneakers, jeans shorts, a basic shirt, totally natural make-up and natural hair. 
I think we(girls) ought a big thank you to Isabel Marant for the invention or better to say popularization of wedge sneakers. These ones I bought in Zara, cos, unfortunately, I did not catch Isabel Marant ones at net-a-porter.com , but I think there are many companies that are making wedge sneakers for all tastes. To say, they are so comfortable and at the same time make you for 5 cm higher. Have a nice Friday, loves!

June 18, 2013



As we(me and my love Edgar) are living in a city Castelldefels, that is approximately 20 km from Barcelona, an is situated right on the beach of the Middetaranian sea, I love spending days on the beach. And here is a most comfortable and easy look  if you are going to the beach: a white tunic with golden prints, a white hat to protect face skin and hair from the strong sun, a big beach bag and sandals. 
Hope you are enjoying super hot Summer as I am! 

June 17, 2013


Cos there are extremely hot Summer days in Barcelona and Castelldefels, where do I live, I decided to make a quick post about what is inside my beach bag, that I take with me almost everyday to the beach to do sunbathing.

June 16, 2013


As I promised to you here is a Sunday recipe post. And now I want to show you how to make a Mango sorbet that is soo delicious and much more healthier and with a small amount of calories than ice-cream, especially in a super hot Summer day. 

June 15, 2013


Well hello there everybody! Hope you are spending a beautiful sunny Saturday as I am! Here is a post about my new additions in accessories and cosmetics, that I recommend you too.  

June 11, 2013


 HELLO to everyone who is reading these letters right now! Here I am back: so fresh, shiny and really glad to come back to KATE FEEL´s blog. I haven´t wrote anything here almost a year. And there are some reasons for that, but no excuses to me! 
These year brought me new experience, new friends and new achievements. First of all, as I am studying Fashion Design in Barcelona, I learned Spanish really well, so I could reach my dream and study Fashion  at school IDEP. The second thing is moving to Barcelona to stay here for a living: I felt in love with this beautiful and breathtaking city, but all the same I love going back to my home town Riga! Then: not so long ago I bought a new camera Canon 1100D to make fascinating photos of my everyday looks and places where I´ve been.  
And the last but not least is returning back here with a new design of my blog, new additions(a Food section: I will try to share every Sunday a cooking recipes with you) and new ambition! 
So stay tuned my faithful and new followers! This time it´s for real.