June 24, 2012

Prom night

 21st of June was my last day at school-the Prom night. 
Because of the school's tradition, every year the Prom is celebrated in our school walls. That's why the scenery isn't really appropriate for my outfit, but in this case I think it doesn't matter. 
I bought this beautiful sea-blue asymmetrical dress while I was in Barcelona in March in a big and popular 
store El Corte Ingles, that I recommend you to visit. Here you can take a look how I completed the evening look. 

June 04, 2012


 Do you know the feeling, when you, beautifully looking, are walking down the street or in the park on a pleasant sunny day, wearing a short skirt or mini-dress and then.....suddenly from nowhere a strong wind blows and shows what's under your skirt to everyone around? Well, I know that you,girls, at least feel uncomfortable wearing little skirts on a windy day. 
And here is a decision - shorts and skirt synthesis. I have discovered these shorts, and got two pairs of them-the blue ones for everyday and black ones for the evening. So I recommend this season trend for all the girl, who are fancy of skirts and mini dresses and are afraid to be blown away.

June 01, 2012

Tropical motifs

 Is it really happening? It's the first day of Summer!!! And I am so happy and at the same time sad to realize that a month left till my moving to Barcelona! So I guess that next posts will be written on Spanish as well as on English, cos I really need to practice my EspaƱol skills.
Yesterday I was wearing trousers with tropical print that I was craving and searching for months(See the look by Doina from The Golden Diamonds with these pants)! And wore them with beautiful stilettos from Mango.