Hi people! My name is Catherine Penya!
I was born in Riga Latvia 20 years ago, were I finished Secondary school and spent all my childhood. As well I finished the Sewing School ''Burda Riga'', where my dreams about high fashion have appeared. 
After learning how to sew I began to create more and more clothes, mainly for myself, but sometimes I even dared to take some orders. This way in 2011 a brand name ´´KateFeel´´ appeared, and whereupon a personal fashion blog KateFeel's Fashion, where now I am sharing my creations and my everyday life with you, my readers. 
In 2012 I moved to Spain, Barcelona and now I am a fashion design student in Idep Barcelona and I am struggling to archive my dreams and goals no matter what is on my way. 

Thank you for reading and don´t stop believing in yourself! <3

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