July 30, 2012


I have no words to say. It´s about what I do and who I am.
A big THANK YOU to Nikita Popkov.
 Just look, like and share. 

More videos soon...

July 29, 2012


Summer is passing by as the opportunity to wear girly, floral dresses, so I am catching the last moment. Besides, there already are New Fall/Winter collections in stores and I can't wait to update my closet, as I left all my winter/autumn clothes in Riga. Are you waiting Autumn or still living at full blast in Summer?

July 25, 2012


Last month I had a great opportunity- my good friend and an up-coming operator Nikita Popkov offered to make a short movie about me, my works and passion. Here are back stage photos of the1st day - they were captured by Anastasia Sirokova and thanks to her I have an admirable portfolio. Can't wait to see the result!!!

July 23, 2012


 I cannot say that I am a romantic and girly style total lover, because I love to see myself wearing black/white clothes or even look brutal and rock. But this Summer season I'm all into pastel, white and tender tones. I hope you don´t take me too boring, because of my romantic passion. I promise this Fall I will be harder! 

July 21, 2012


Found these beauties in Stradivarius store and realized that they can complete and excel every total white look. And as you have noticed I am a white color lover. These blue shoes look really exiting because of the transparent heels. Someone can associate the transparent heel with Cinderella shoes or with stripper high heel shoes. But yet designers have reinvented this idea of the transparent shoe and have revived it into trend. It's now classy, stylish, sexy, chic and daring all in oneSo go for it!

July 18, 2012


  The best place in Barcelona where dreams come true is the Passeig de Gracia street. My dream came yesterday - it was FURLA white bag. Some month ago I was craving for Furla candy bag, but when I saw this one I realized it was made for me! 

July 16, 2012


Sometimes it is just enough to climb to the top of the mountain and view the scenery of the deep and infinite sea, to feel the bliss of life. 
Luckily Barcelona is full of mountains, and some of them are near my house. 
Yesterday and decided to try on a new thing in my closet-a jumpsuit. I have to say, jumpsuits are really comfy and an usable creation for i-don't-know-what-to-wear situations. You can wear it to any occasions and don't think how to combine this shirt with this trousers, cos there always an "ready-to-go'' garment in your closet. 
But the jumpsuit can be a tricky trend to try if you are less than average height. Full length, wide–legged ones look best on long legs. However there are so many versions and leg lengths this season, don’t be afraid to experiment. The rule is high heels that will lengthen the leg. If you don't have skyscraper legs(like me) then save this season's gorgeous flats for short-style jumpsuits. A V-neck or plunge-neckline will also give the impression of elongating the body.

July 14, 2012


 Sometimes I do accomplish my promises and a new post didn't make you wait so long. 
Today I spent my time in the city center-strolling on streets, doing some shopping and just enjoying the view from Las Arenas de Barcelona. 
And about the look. You know, sometimes it seems not so easy to combine all the pieces of the look together, especially when there´s a fringe. The main purpose is not to be afraid of trying something new. 
I have to say the Native Americans played a big role in the fashion world in regards to the fringe style. Thanks to them, we can seize the chance to have an updated inspired look. So, fringe fashion seems to be making a big come back in most of seasons. As far as I can see the Spring/Summer 2012 offering is an outstanding place for this trend to pick up. Take for example the same Zara, where you can find an enormous number of options for fringe shirts, skirts, short, dresses and even collars. 
Fringe fashion is fabulous, so go for it! As I did!

July 12, 2012


As I promised, here's an intagram post of my new life in Barcelona. Don't know what could be better, than relaxing all day, doing sports, sunbathing near the Mediterranean sea, eating various sea fish and enjoying the Summer! Though it's still really hard to get used to a new city, new people and their lifestyle. I'm practicing my Spanish skills every day, so maybe soon I will write posts in Spanish. 
I hope new posts will not make you wait so long, so keep reading.

July 11, 2012


 Once I said:
''When I enter a fabric store and do not have any idea what to sew, I just take a glance on fabrics around me and find the one that inspires me. After that a silhouette appears in my head.'' 
The same story was with this fabric. The moment I saw it, I knew what to sew - an asymmetric skirt with drapery.
 I wanted to create a soft and tender look, that this fabric made me to think about.
I wore this look on my last days in Riga, before moving to Barcelona. Still can´t believe being here and starting a new life. 
Stay tuned for instagram photos from Barcelona.