February 19, 2011

a bit exhausted.

So..i just arrived after the examination, or better to say just a review of my(and other girl's) made clothes. 
Sadly, I got only 7/10 points(. I'll not tell on the judges, cause i appreciate more your comments and impressions. <3
Here are some photos of KateFeel clothes).
Red coat(which will be my favourite in Spring) and a blouse.

other stuff (skirt, dress, trousers) i'll post later)


  1. Hi! Can you please tell a little bit of what you are doing?!And are yopu study in some sort of fashion school?and if yes,which one?!coz i'm from riga too, and want to now about schools that teach this stuff))thanks a lot

  2. I studied for 6 months(September-February; another option February-July) in sewing school ''Burda Riga'' http://susanasskola.lv/ at the first course of sewing(Woman's lightweight clothing (without knowledge)). And during 6 months you have to sew 4 or 5 clothes: a skirt, trousers, blouse, dress and a jacket. Of course there are teachers, who teaches you how to do everything correctly, because in February you'll have to pass an exam, where jury is checking all your clothes.
    After that in April will be held a some sort of fashion show on the given theme, and you have to prepare anything you want, cos then all girls, who finished the course will have to walk on the catwalk and show their dresses. It is like a graduate work, after which you'll be given a diploma and a certificate, that you finished Sewing school(women's lightweight clothing).
    I hope I gave you all the information you needed)))

    p.s. keep reading me<3