February 15, 2011

Era of Elegance

Two months later, in April will be held a fashion show ''Intertextil Balticum 2011'' from the sewing school, where I study and I should prepare one dress on 50's fashion. I am so inspired by this epoch!!!  
On the images of the 50's are based the most current trends in our days fashion. We can endlessly guessing heroines of the past in modern outfits on the catwalk, or just can peek into the past.

Here are some photos from several numbers of Vogue magazine, which were released just in 50 years of the last century.

And of course I just couldn't forget about the style Icon, not only in 50s, but also in our 21st century - Audrey Hepburn.
It's not fashion- it's Art!


  1. so, do you already have some ideas? =) which picture inspires you most of all?

  2. yes, I have. I have already given the sketch to my teacher last week(later i'll post it here).
    This week i'm planning to buy fabrics and already start working, cos on 20th of March will be held a trial show on the catwalk, where I(and other girls) supposed to be in the final outfit with all the accessories... So nervous!!
    I'm inspired most of all by Audrey Hepburn's pink dress! My dress also will have sun-style skirt with underskirt to make it fluffy! <3