January 15, 2012

Burgundy scarf

Finally it started to snow above the Riga! Whole December I was waiting the appearance of snow, and on the first day of snowing I immediately went to the park - where the trees are so beautiful with a thin layer of snow on the branches. It is a pity that it will melt away soon.
First time I am representing you my KateFeel's fluffy black skirt, that I made in October. When I'm wearing it I feel so enlivened and positive! I think it's really noticeable, because of my smile in the photos. 


Photographer: Anastasia Shirokova
I was wearing:
Mango coat
Only blouse
KateFeel skirt
Bershka leggings
Stradivarius boots
Balina purse

1 comment:

  1. such a lovely outfit! :)
    I love snow in LV - it makes all look so beautiful! I miss Riga :)