July 25, 2013


Good afternoon my dear friends! As you have noticed I was outline for 3 weeks, that's because I was in my home town Riga in Latvia and was spending every minute with my family and friends! I spend a lovely and exciting time there. It's always nice to visit your family, your home town, go for a walk down the beautiful streets and simply enjoy being where you were born. 
Here is a post about my city Riga, so you can get acquainted with some part of Riga's streets, parks, buildings, views and spirit.

 3 different parks in Riga center.

 Bridge of love, where each pair in the day of his marriage hangs a lock, that is a symbol of strong and true love.

 Views of the Old Riga district 

 House of Blackheads in Old Riga district
 The most famous candy and chocolate company of Latvia. 

 Riga souvenirs

 View of the National Opera House

Thank you for reading!

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