July 31, 2013


Good Morning loves! Today I want to share with you a hair tutorial, that I am doing for the first time, so please don't judge me to hard, and give me some advices. 
This tutorial is about how to make beach waves hairstyle only for 10 minutes. I prefer to make waves only on ending so it won't look too dressy or like an evening hairstyle. These way these waves look very natural, as after swimming in the sea or pool. 

Dry your clean hair after the shower, put serum and a hair protection from hit. 
To make waves I am using curling iron in medium size.

Curl about 10 cm up and hold about 30seconds-1 minutes. Keep doing it with until you will be pleased with your new hairdo. 

 I hope you´ve liked this new post, so stay tuned for tommorrows post about the outfit.

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