September 13, 2013


Hello there Fashion bunnies(so in love with this phrase), here is the promised my Autumn Wishlist post! I have to say Autumn is my favorite season, because of the colors, styles and range of clothes to wear, that gives us new collections. So obsessed with the ''back to school'' trend, tartan and military print, platform shoes and many other good looking combinations! So let me show and explain my Fall wishlist! 

For a start, of course, coats,jackets, parkas. Masculine style is still in trend like in the past season! 
1.Mango 2.Mango 3. Zara 4.Zara(already got it) 5.Zara


A great range of cardigans is just perfect for the begging of Autumn! Especially in Barcelona!
1.Mango 2.Zara 3.Zara 4.Zara 

No where without dresses! And all of them in different styles
1.Mango( a low waist and flower print) 2.Zara (Grunge style black knee high) 3.Zara (military print) 4.Choies (Chanel style, girly and chick)

Love the tartan print shirts! Must be in 2 colors. And one more classic!
1.Mango 2.Zara 3.Zara 

Weather in Barcelona definitely gives chances to wear skirts even in Autumn, and without tights!
1.Mango 2.Zara 3.Zara 3.Zara 4.Zara 5. Zara 6.Bershka

What Autumn without sweaters and jersey, in fact that they can be worn with short skirts!
1.Mango 2.Zara 3.Zara 4.Zara

Trousers and jeans, Fall and Winter necessities!
1.Mango 2.Mango 3.Mango 4.Zara 5.Zara 6.Zara

What new season without new pair of boots?
1.Zara 2.Mango 3.Zara 4.Zara


No outfit is finished without a touch of accessories or complement. 
1.Prada sunglasses(I've been craving for them for months, this time gotta get them)
2.Zara necklace 3.Mango shopping bag 4.5.Zara scarfs 6. Asos ring 7.Zara hat

Whooh! That's it for this time, until Winter. Well you may noticed, I am a biiig Zara/Mango addict! Who cares?I do love their style and arrangement! Hope you liked this New post from me, and put eye on some things too. Let the BIG shopping begin! 

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