September 03, 2013


 Here is another touristic photo post from our(me with Anastasia) excursions around Barcelona. That day we have visited 3 sites, one of them was a new discovery for me. Click, to see more...

As many of you may know, Barcelona is known for its famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi, who´s works you can see all over Barcelona and even Catalunya, and always recognize his individual style. 
The most famous his creation is the Catholic church Sargada Familia, for which he devoted his life till death from 1915. And the church is still under construction and will be done at least in 2027.

Another place with Gaudi´s distinctive style is Parc Guell, that almost totally is decorated with mosaics. It is so colorful and full of nature!

The most exciting discovery for me was the Monastery of Pedralbes. It´s a Gothic monastery that housed a comunity of poor clares in the XIV century. Now it´s a museum, but still has the peaceful and calm atmosphere, that I will definitely go there again!

I am so happy and pleased to share with you beautiful places of my new town Barcelona, where I'm living, so tell me, please, your opinion, if you enjoy these posts!

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