June 11, 2013


 HELLO to everyone who is reading these letters right now! Here I am back: so fresh, shiny and really glad to come back to KATE FEEL´s blog. I haven´t wrote anything here almost a year. And there are some reasons for that, but no excuses to me! 
These year brought me new experience, new friends and new achievements. First of all, as I am studying Fashion Design in Barcelona, I learned Spanish really well, so I could reach my dream and study Fashion  at school IDEP. The second thing is moving to Barcelona to stay here for a living: I felt in love with this beautiful and breathtaking city, but all the same I love going back to my home town Riga! Then: not so long ago I bought a new camera Canon 1100D to make fascinating photos of my everyday looks and places where I´ve been.  
And the last but not least is returning back here with a new design of my blog, new additions(a Food section: I will try to share every Sunday a cooking recipes with you) and new ambition! 
So stay tuned my faithful and new followers! This time it´s for real. 

 I was wearing:
ZARA "boyfriend" jeans
H&M sweater
OUTSIDER platform sneakers
MANGO shopper bag
MANGO sunglasses
GUESS watch

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