June 15, 2013


Well hello there everybody! Hope you are spending a beautiful sunny Saturday as I am! Here is a post about my new additions in accessories and cosmetics, that I recommend you too.  

 First of all- I´ve been obsessed with Michael Kors watches collection lately....But I when I found and tried these gorgeous watch by Guess I in a moment forgot about the others! It was a present on my 20 years Birthday from my husband Edgar! 
A great and so comfortable shopping bag by Mango, that fits everything you want! I bought it to carry my new Canon camera all over with me.
 And aviator sunglasses by Mango as well. 
 And for the first time in my life I decided to try Givenchy beauty and care cosmetics. And I am so pleased with it.
 Here is the content of the bag:
A Hydra Sparkling cosmetics line: the skin-moisturizing line with Sparkling water complex technology for skin dazzling with light. 1.Velvet Luminescence moisturizing cream-Normal to combination skin. Soft and velvety, the skin glows with pure light, dazzling with freshness. 2.Creamy cleansing foam- to clean your skin from cosmetic or just from the feeling after the hard day. 3. Flash Luminescence Serum 4. Eye-Revival gel-The skin around your eyes looks more relaxed and smoothed out. 

 And something from make-up line: 1.Le prisme blush 23 Aficionado peach- really great and fancy for day make-up. 2.Rouge Inerdit 07 Mystic pink Lipstick

Have a nice weekend everybody and don´t forget to visit my blog tomorrow for a recipe post! 

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